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Major Machine Works Ltd. carries a wide variety of trailers.
Here are some photo's of different optionsof our ENCLOSED Trailers. For photos of the OPEN style trailers, please look at the section called Utility Trailers.

Available in Single or Tandem Axle
These "round roof" models are CARGO models.

Flat Front or Wedge Nosed.


There are different capacity axles available
with or without electric brakes.
The portion of the trailer that is wedged is not considered in the trailer size.

The Trailers are available in many colors

"Photos of some of the different colors available"


Clearclear Victory Red Clear Clear clear clearclear Charcoal Grey Clear Clear
The Red Trailer has the Ladder Rack Option on top


Clearclear Black Clear Clear clear clearclear Orange Clear Clear


Clearclear Pewter Clear Clear clear clearclear Indigo Blue Clear Clear


Clearclear Dove Grey Clear Clear clear clearclear White Clear Clear


Clearclear Silver Clear Clear clear clearclear Champagne Beige Clear Clear

And now 2 TONE is an option!!!
The side view

And the back view!!

Let's look inside...

Plywood Interior - standard

Genply Interior - optional

Chipboard Interior - standard on Econo Trailers



Barn Doors in back Barn Doors are standard on the trailers.


Ramp Door in back Ramp Doors are an option.


A really nice touch for easy access is the 32" curbside door complete with camlock.
The closeup shows a door that has a paddle latch option.


AdvanTech Flooring

(Shown here with E-Track)
As the industry leader when it comes to moisture resistance,
Advantech products do not cup, warp, or delaminate
under harsh weather conditions. Engineered for
superior strength, AdvanTech products outperform
the competition at the most critical points
of construction - your Floors,Walls and Roof.

Check out their website for more information!
Go to www.advantechperforms.com

Other things to consider....

There are lots of Options...

Trailers come in assorted heights.This trailer has an interior height of 4'8" and makes for easier towing behind a smaller vehicle.

The window(s) are a nice feature for extra light and ventilation.


Shown above is a new line of Trailers!!
This is a
SFC Model

The Trailer shown includes the following Options:
Flat Top Roof
Wedge Nosed
Rear Ramp Door
Stoneguard on front
L.E.D, Light Package
Curbside Door
This unit does not have
matching Exterior Screws Option
Tandem Axles with cross members every 16" c/c

Shown above is a 8'x24' Super Coach Car Hauler.
This was custom built for one of our customers
and included the following Options:
Electric Jack
Alum. Mag Wheels
Escape Door (shown)
Stoneguard on front
Curb Side Mandoor
Genply Interior
2 Roof Vents
Rear Ramp Door
Interior Lights complete with switch



Shown above is a 8'x25' Charcoal Grey Snowmobile/ATV Trailer.
This is another example of a custom build
for a customer who wanted it for Caribou Hunting.
Included are the following Options:
Triple Axle
Ramp Door in front and rear for drive-thru access
Stoneguard on front
Curb Side Mandoor
16' Roof Deck with Removable Ladder
2 Fuel Doors. (1 located at a height to access a woodstove pipe)
Roof Vents
Dome Lights with switch



Shown above is a 8'x34' White Fifth Wheel Super Coach Car Hauler.
This is another example of a custom build
Included are the following Options:
Triple Axle 5200 lbs each
Aluminium Mag Wheels
Recessed E-Track for securing load on the floor and wall
Genply Interior
6'8" Interior
Curb Side Mandoor with Camlock and Paddle Latch
48" Escape door with Paddle Latch
Ramp Door in rear
Stoneguard over fifth wheel
D Rings
Dome Lights complete with Switch
Helmet Cabinet

Interior showing E-Track, D Rings, Escape Door on Left, Curbside Door on Right

Helmet Storage



Shown above is a 8' x 18' Car Hauler.
This is another example of a custom build
complete with Genply interior
Black Tile Floor with recessed E-Track
and Upper and Lower aluminium Cabinets

This Customer order a 7' x 20' work trailer.
Check out the following options:
Cargo Green Exterior

Salem Vent and 15" x 30" windows.
Customer placed windows high so people couldn't see
what was stored in the trailer.

Customer had a couple 4' Luxan Roof Panels installed
to brighten up the interior. (1 shown here)
An excellent idea if using the Trailer as a workshop!
This customized 8' x 26' Car Hauler included the following options:
2 recessed 500W Quartz Lights on the curbside,
Stoneguard front, matching exterior screws.

Options inside include aluminum "L"shaped lower cabinets,upper cabinets,
Genply interior, vinyl flooring, recessed "D" Rings,Dome Light,
50 amp electrical service complete with 110V outlets,
Generator Access Door.
Flouresent Lights (placed close to walls to allow for more headroom)
Is Red your color??
This 8' x 26' Triple axle trailer has many "extra's"

Extended Triple Tube Tongue, Electric Jack, Sway Brackets
Triple 6000# Torflex Axles, 16" Tires

Recessed E-Track on walls and floor, genply interior,
Aluminum upper & lower cabinets, 4' Excape Door,
30 amp Electrical Service complete with 110V outlets
& Flourescent Lights.
Shown Below is a
8' x 16'
Snowmobile/ATV Trailer

This unit will hold
2 Long-Tracks
and all your gear!

*Drive-thru access
*Side Man Door
*Fuel Door
*15" x 30" Window
*Break-a-way Switch
with battery & Charger
*6 Rope Ties
*2 Ski Tie Down Bars
*2 Interior Lights
*1 Roof Vent
*Triple Tube Tongue
* Safety Chains

This is a special order Trailer for a customer
that wanted to haul and store his Rhino (ATV)
The trailer has an extra high door opening to
accomodate either a Rhino or Golf Cart.
A great way to store your toys for the off-season!!


This customer ordered a 8 x 16 Tandem
with 5200 # Axles.
The trailer has a double 3/4" plywood floor,
has insulated walls, floor, and ceiling,
and a 30 and 50 amp service with outlets.
************************************************************************** ************************************************************************
Shown Below is a
8' x 20'
Car Hauler

Check out the "after" photos of this trailer!
All decaled out!!
Lots of advertising here!!

Customer uses the trailer to move his buggy and advertises at the same time.

This is a special order Trailer for a customer
using it to move and store his race car!
This Car Hauler is fully loaded!!!!

Genply Interior with totally insulated walls, floor & ceiling
Escape Doorwith paddle latch.
32" Mandoor with paddle latch.
Flouresent Lights - Dome Lights
5 Outlets
2 14" Ceiling Vents
E Track on walls and floor
D Rings
Upper & Lower Cabinets
LED light pkg
Vinyl Flooring
Upgraded Body Skin
Matching Exterior Screws

Outside 500W recessed Quartz Lights

Aluminium Wheels

30" x 30" generator Door

Lots of nice Options to consider when purchasing a trailer!!

Check out these features!

Check out this 7 x 22 INTERSTATE Snowmobile Trailer!

Wedge Slant Nose
15" Radial Tires, 3500# Axles, 16" Cross Members
Cableless Solid Doors
Silver/White Split Body Skin
Screwless Exterior
Extra Interior Height with 82" Rear Door Opening
Nudo Flooring, PCV Wall Covering
Helmet Cabinet

A Snowmobiler's Dream!!