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Interstate Trailer Dealer

Noted for Superior Quality & Value

Interstate has been manufacturing trailers since 1984 with eye appealing style,
using superior materials and construction.
Trailers are built in all sizes and styles with a wide range of options.

With a selection of trailers for commercial, racing, and recreational (living quarters) users we have


Rance ALUMINIUM Trailer Dealer

Founded in 1988, Rance Aluminum has been one of the leading innovators of the All-Aluminum trailer industry.
Recently Rance has become a part of Forest River, Inc., A Berkshire Hathaway Company.
This allows Rance to grow and continue to produce high quality aluminum trailers.

From the strong, aluminum chassis and walls to the innovative sloping v-nose designed for aerodynamics and smoother handling,
down to the stainless steel hardware and fastners, no details have been overlooked."

If you have any questions regarding any of our cargo carriers, auto carriers, motorcycle trailers, snowmobile trailers,
please contact us for more information.


AGASSIZ Trailer Dealer

Agassiz Trailers are located in Winkler, Manitoba. We saw the need for a higher quality trailer, dust proof,
and a trailer that would be more aerodynamic.

In 2000, we started building a prototype. A trailer that would incorporate all of the needs that our
customers asked for, and a trailer that would be built well enough to withstand our drastic Canadian climates.

To start, we knew that our trailers had to be aerodynamic in order to be economical to tow. In addition to
the "V" front, we designed a fiberglass cap on top of the "V". A cap that would direct the airflow up and
over. Now the airflow is directed to both sides, as well as up and over. That's aerodynamic!

At "Agassiz", any wires that do have to run underneath the trailer are covered with heavy, solid conduct.
All of the other wires run inside the trailer to keep them from the ice buildup underneath.
"Agassiz" incorporates a one piece rolled aluminum roof to withstand the temperature changes, and we also
undercoat the entire trailer. Also with "Agassiz's" triple wedge "V" front, we've got wind controlled
to the maximum.

"Agassiz" trailers are very attractive, and in the end, helps make the bottom line look good.

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*** SOLD *** 7' x 14' INTERSTATE Dove Grey Tandem Axle IFC Trailer with a rear Ramp Door (#101293)

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